Vacation Ideas for People Who Like To Keep To Themselves

Vacation Ideas for People

When introverts need to get away, they get away to somewhere with the option for isolation and seclusion. Chances are a booze cruise in London, or a rooftop party in New York are not going to be top of the list.An introvert’s idea of a well–balanced trip looks more like a getaway to a private the beach, where you can get some individual spa treatment and speak to no one unless you wish to. With that in mind, the following are ideal locations for introverts looking to travel.

1. Glastonbury, England

Glastonbury, which is more commonly known for its Glastonbury Festival, may sound like an introvert’s worst nightmare, but that’s only if they visit in June.

The historic town itself has strong links to the legends King Arthur and the Holy Grail, and is known as a pilgrimage spot with powerful energies. It is a fantastic place for any introverts to recharge their batteries in the amazing countryside.

Glastonbury even hosts a Sacred Garden Retreat filled with yoga and meditation, which is pretty much the perfect fit for an introvert.

2. Iceland

Experience pure beauty in Iceland. From the geysers to the coastline, and the lava deserts to the strikingly desolate landscape, Iceland would be any introverts ideal locale. It’s a beautifully strange place unlike any other country on the planet. It has to be seen and felt to be appreciated. Iceland has a whole section of a social networking site dedicated to Icelandic introverts.

3. Molokai, Hawaii

This may come as a surprise, as many would not expect a destination thriving on tourism to support a quiet introvert island.

The small island, which lies 50 miles off the coast of Maui, is only accessible by ferry. It’s the closest you are ever going to get to a preserved paradise. With only one hotel on the entire island, it might be best to consider the idea of renting a house or apartment.

You’ll have the opportunity to spend hours strolling in natural beauty by day seeing the lights of Honolulu on Oahu at night. Although it is the fifth-largest island in Hawaii, it has the fewest number of tourists, making it one of the few destinations suitable for introverts even in the summer season.

4. Lofoten, Norway

A destination is known for its fantastic natural attractions such as the Northern lights and midnight sun; it also has excellent fishing, cycling routes off the beaten track, kayaking between islands as well as the opportunity to see beautiful sea eagles high in the sky. The swiftly changing weather and spectacular light conditions have drawn in numerous artists in past decades, which is apparently evident in the many art galleries and photo exhibitions. The region also offers many rock climbing and mountaineering opportunities, with many climbers benefiting from its 24 hours of sunlight during the summer. The main places for mountaineering and climbing are on Austvagoy and Moskenesoya.

5. Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye is connected to Scotland’s Northwest coast by a bridge. It is the second largest of Scotland’s islands, a 50-mile-long patchwork of velvet moors, jagged mountains, sparkling lochs and towering sea cliffs. Although it has a hectic summer season, hardly any tourists visit by winter as the idea of an isolated life on a weather-battered island off the west of Scotland is not for everyone. Skye has several castles and a fantastic coastline with spectacular views of the mainland. You do have to share the pictures with the multitude of sheep grazing around.

6. The Islands of the Caribbean

A popular vacation spot for sure, but the isolation offered by resort life is very underrated.

You can choose your accommodations and island to match whatever experience you want to have. You can try water sports, go snorkeling, try scuba diving, or just relax on the beach with some drinks.

Just know that there are different types of resorts for different groups. Some are for families, others are for couples, and some are even for solo travelers. The options are limitless, just do your research and find out what works for you.

7. Koh Tonsay, Cambodia

Also known as Rabbit Island, situated in the southwest of Cambodia is a little sleep island named Koh Tonsay. The island has some of the most scenic beach fronts in the Gulf of Thailand. However, few tourists ever visit. Access is only by boat, and it is an island that has a distinct lack of electricity and vehicles of any kind. Furniture on the beach is free on the condition that you support the family who owns the furniture of your choice by purchasing your drinks and dinner at their restaurant. Given that cocktails are $1.50, this should not be difficult. If you’re looking to detach from the world, this destination is the perfect place, made up of hammocks, coconut palms, and a couple of dozen bungalows.

Find Your Peace

If you are an introvert, you don’t have to go all the way to the world to find some peace. Introverts are more common that is usually believed. Of course, you don’t really hear that much about introverts as they keep to themselves. But there are many quiet hots pots in any location which you can be found with a little seeking.

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