Tips for Traveling on a Bicycle

What I bring to you today is a list of tips for cycling, especially for those who are going to make their first trip of this type. It is important to keep in mind these tips and many others that you can safely read the comments to this article. As always, any suggestions you provide will be welcome and helpful in completing these guidelines. Here are the best 6 tips for traveling on a Bicycle and health benefits of cycling.

Organize your luggage well

I have already told you in other articles on how to organize the luggage and how important it is to have a checklist the weeks before our departure. This time I have prepared a specific one to make a trip by bike. Obviously, it is not the same to carry the entire luggage than to have the support of a system like the “Pedal without Luggage” that I mentioned before. Therefore you must adapt this list to the peculiarities of your trip, the weather conditions and the destination that you have finally chosen.

One of the tips for cycling that I always do, regarding the garment, is not wearing cycling clothes when traveling unless it is essential. The reason is that when we approach the locals it is preferable to look as “normal” as possible because it facilitates communication and trust. With a comfortable culottes and clothes is usually enough. Think, yes, to wear a clamp to fix the bottom of the pants and not get caught in the chain.

Learn the basic techniques of cycling

When traveling we will find ourselves in many situations that will require our dexterity as cyclists. That is why one of the best tips for cycling is to practice some basic techniques:

Adjustment of height

Our saddle should have a height such that when placing the pedal in the lower position our leg is almost extended. It is the best way to not force your knees when pedaling. The handlebar should go to a height that allows us to feel comfortable.


In many cases, people who do not have much experience often use developments that do not fit the needs of the road. This is the main factor that causes a wear and tear of energy greater than necessary. Developments with plates too large or with too small pine nuts can take a toll.

It is important to practice the different options to be able to carry a cadence of the pedaled adjusted to each situation and to our own physical state. In this way, we will minimize stiffness and contractures, besides not overloading the knees. As guidance, we should maintain a rhythm between 70 and 80 pedals per minute.


The ideal in the straight flat is to maintain a minimum rhythm of pedaling to maintain the speed that we have fixed, and with which we are comfortable. It is also important to adapt our pedaling according to whether we have the wind for or against, managing the effort of each situation.

Document your trip

One of the tips for cycling that have served me most has been to collect all the data in a small notebook. In addition to being a good souvenir, you can serve other people who, for sure, will ask you for advice on the route you have made. It is as simple as noting in each stop the most important data: distance traveled; where did you sleep, and how the place was; what people you have met and their contact details, if they have given you; tickets to the museums and visits you make, being enough to stick the tickets you have bought.

And of course, he takes many photos, remembering that before photographing a person it is not too hard to ask permission.

Feed and hydrate well

Hydration is absolutely critical as it is the best way to prevent cramps.

The exercise we do when traveling by bicycle usually forces us to work some muscles that we do not exercise in our day today. Therefore it is better to take care of our body more than usual. We must try to make a varied diet, in which there are not lack carbohydrates (pasta and rice), proteins (meat and fish), and vegetables, salads and fruits. I usually take lots of bananas for the potassium they contain, and because they are easy to get and carry. It is important not to binge and carry a reserve of nuts or energy bars to go chopping as the day progresses.

Hydration is absolutely essential as it is the best way to prevent cramps. Do not have problems in ordering at any house if you can refill your water bottles. You never know how long it will take to find a source or a supply of liquid.

Be in solidarity with other cyclists

The community of cyclists is usually very supportive, especially when we meet others who are traveling. So you have to be very careful if you see that someone has had problems with your bike or if you detect that someone has a need. Surely this is the best bike riding advice I can give you. In many cases, the material help that we can contribute, such as showing interest in their situation, is not as important. You never know when you can be the one in trouble and believe me, it’s a great relief when someone offers to help you in those circumstances.

Beware of the rain

Rain, besides the wind, is the two main enemies when we are on a bicycle. The important thing, if it appears, is not to be discouraged, to be well prepared, and to confront it with a certain dose of humor. Your fellow travelers will appreciate it. To be prepared it is essential to have checked the condition of the tires. If the asphalt is wet, and whenever possible, try to stay on the marks left by the cars, as they will be drier and offer more grip.

Be very careful with material changes in the thread: asphalt changes, sewer covers, painted lines for horizontal road signs, pedestrian crossings or oil spots. If you plan to travel to a destination with a high probability of precipitation, consult your usual store about the most suitable brake pads, as there are some specific to those conditions.

Keep in mind that rain makes visibility difficult for drivers, so you should wear brightly colored clothes (or reflective vest), as well as turn on the lights on your bike.

In the end, that’s all there is. Surely I have left many other tips. That is why I will thank you for any comments, contributions or criticism that may help others to expand this list. Between all, we can get a safer driving.

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