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A journey of more than a hundred miles starts with your best travel handbags. If you are reading this, it means you understand the importance of it and not sure which to buy.  The most significant part of the journey is packing light and smart. That is why some companies make durable lightweight bags since their first day.

It is not easy to squeeze everything you want for the journey into one piece of the suitcase. When you are stuffing everything into this one luggage, you require the bag itself to have a lot of pockets for organization and wish that it have other clever travel features, like lock straps and leather lining. As a matter of fact, we all have the experience of running to catch out flight in the airport. A perfect handbag makes the experience more fun.

If you are in need of the best travel handbags, we are here for you. We have made this handy buying guide so that it can assist you to get the right travel handbag and you can roam around the world in style.  It does not matter that whether you travel rarely or a frequent traveler, a perfect travel handbag is important. You can not skip its importance. A poor-quality and heavy bag can make the journey painful. Here are the ones that you should take a look at and consider them to be your best friend during travel.

5 Best Travel Handbags Comparison:


Product Name

Dimensions And Shipping Weight


Michael Kors Women's Jet Set Travel Small Logo Tote Bag

10.6 x 5.3 x 15.3 inches. (2.4 pounds)

FRYE Melissa Tote Leather Handbag

16 x 14 x 8 inches. (3.5 pounds)

MICHAEL Michael Kors E/W Signature Tote Bag

16 x 6 x 11 inches. (2.3 pounds)

Vera Bradley Turnlock Satchel, Signature Cotton

15.9 x 10.7 x 2.1 inches. (1.05 pounds)

Baggallini Everywhere Lightweight Crossbody Bag

54 x 13.5 x 9 inches. (1.1 pounds)

Vera Bradley Laura

14.6 x 13.2 x 1.7 inches. (1 pounds)

Bagerly Women Fashion PU Leather Purses 

11.2 x 9 x 4.2 inches. ( 1.35 pounds)

Hobo Shoulder Bag with Big Snap Hook Hardware

12.9 x 9.7 x 2.8 inches. (1.9 pounds)

Nine West Reana Tote

15 x 13.8 x 4.8 inches. (1.8 pounds)

Kenneth Cole Reaction KN1860 Triple Entry Harriet Satchel Handbag

14.4 x 11.6 x 5.6 inches. (1.75 pounds)

Pick The Best Travel Handbags

Won’t it be great if you could have a bag that matches with all your outfits? On a day, you decide you wear red, you do not have to look inside the closet to get something matching the color of the cherry. On another occasion, such as you are traveling to the beach and you decide to put on something colorful, you do not have to worry about looking outdated or out of style. You can wear as many colors as you want and still look perfect with the Michael Kors bag on your journey. It is not a rucksack but an ideal carry-on. The price is affordable and the product is original.

Highlighted features:

Dual buckle

The dual buckle ensures that there are more safety and security just for you. You do not have to worry about the bag getting damaged when you are packing too many things in it. Those that do not come with dual buckle are not that safe and the owner is always in danger of getting into trouble.

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Stain Resistant

Being carved out of synthetic, the handbag will not get dirty. How many times did it happen to you that you bought a white or a vanilla colored bag and after being in the closet, it loses the color? It gathers invisible dirt and germs that make it lose the original color. Since it is for travel purpose, you will not use it every day. You are going to store it in the closet. Therefore, you need something that does not lose its color just like this one which is true to its appearance. It will always appear like the first day you bought it.

Who does not like a bag with metal feet? Everybody does. The feature should tell you how reliable and safe this handbag is for exploring. You can keep it anywhere it will stand still. The base is completely level and flat which is missing is many handbags out there. That is why, when you keep it on the ground or anywhere it will stand still. There is no risk of your items falling out even if it is a no closure.  The metal feet are something everyone wants their best travel handbags to have. Will you be sleeping outdoors in isolated locations or staying at an aristocratic hotel? No matter where and how you are wandering, the type and amount of gears you carry can rest on these metal feet.


  • Pockets on the outside to put anything important during emergency
  • Durable and strong
  • Lightweight making it easy to carry around
  • MK logo exterior and interior
  • Fits all kinds of gadgets such as laptops, tabs, and phones
  • Perfect for any season: winter, summer, spring and etc.
  • Can last more than a decade
  • You can put a lot of items in it
  • Right size for everybody, not too big nor too small


  • Does not have zipper top to lock everything
  • Shoulder straps could be longer but they are not that long as expected

A tote bag is a multipurpose bag you will own. There are hundreds of uses for this FRYE tote bag and you should have one in your collection. Not only does it help during travel, it will fit a lot of things, goes with any outfit you are wearing and no matter what the travel destination is, it will suit the environment. When looking for the best travel handbag, some people try to find out one that goes with their shape. There is a saying or belief perhaps that you have to purchase one that has the opposite features as you. For example, if you are slim and tall, get a bag that is round or curved. For those who are small in size or is a bit curvy should get a bag that is perfectly square. Forget all those when you are getting the FRYE Melissa Tote because it is perfect for all kinds of travelers. FRYE have a reputation for making products with the best quality materials.

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Highlighted features:

Snap Closure

The snap closure is so much flexible and easy to use than the regular zipper. It is also safer than an open closure travel bag as your items will stay safe. In case, the bag gets titled, nothing will fall out. The snap closure also helps during an emergency. When you are in a rush and want to get money out fast or want to put something in quickly, all you do is use one hand to open or close it. In the case of zippers, you will have to use two hands and it is not going to be rapid. During cases of an open closure, there is no safety guaranteed because anyone can slide their hand into the bag and grab anything out of it.

Additional Strap

When your neck hurts after traveling, you will love a handbag that has long straps to hang it lower. Those who bought this handbag says that this an excellent feature of this handbag that makes it one of the best and easy to use, particularly when you are traveling. The strap can also make you look nice and usage becomes simpler, particularly because it has a snap closure, as explained before. The strap is important if you are going to be carrying the bag for a long time. Since the best travel handbags are carried during journeys, taken along to the train, cars, and airplanes with family, work associates, and friends, the handbag is going to be an extension of the traveler’s professional presentation and appearance. The strap can add style and make you appear much sleeker.

High-Quality Materials

It has a fairly big price tag compared to many other travel handbags so you can tell by now that the materials the manufacturers have put into the making of this product is superior and of excellent quality. You cannot ever go wrong with this handbag as it is made of leather and each and every component of this handbag is durable, strong and robust. The interior, exterior, the handles, the bottom etc. are all solid and can stand against any kind of damage. It is worth the money.


  • Made of leather
  • The size is big so that it fits all the necessities
  • The center is designed for delicate materials such as glasses, phones and anything fragile
  • The compartments are organized properly
  • The leather is thick
  • The design of the interior of the bag makes it easy to find items
  • The snap closure makes it flexible
  • It is lightweight
  • The bag will last for many years


  • The strap has a chance of breaking
  • It is costly

Michael Kors handbags are carried in many fancy places and if you notice, you will see that it is popular and also “cool.” It is something trendy and stylish for women of all ages and if you want to match the withthecurrent style and fashion, having a Michael Kors bag in your collection is a must. To travel, use this Michael Kors E/W Signature Tote Bag. When picking out a travel handbag, you need something reliable. A reliable bag can only be a product of a company that has a solid reputation in the industry.  We all are familiar with MK’s reputation and it has become one of the most selling handbags because of its price, construction, and ease of use. In many places, you will see that it is being used more than Prada, Hermès, Chanel or any other brands.

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Highlighted features:

Zipper closure

The zipper closure can be helpful if you are going to sleep on your journey. It is normal for a traveler to fall asleep and while you do that, you do not want your items to get stolen or fall out of the handbag. It is one the best travel handbags because you can store all items safely and securely.

Huge interior

The inside is big and bare. You can keep anything you want it would fit almost anything. Starting from laptops, iPads, tab and mobile phones, you can keep as many electronic gadgets you want. For the money and delicate items, you can store in the compartment that also comes with a zipper for security. In that way, the important items will not mix with everything else in the handbag and make it difficult. Rather everything inside will be organized and it is going to be effortless to grab anything you need.

Perfect for any weather

There were occasions when a beige or a white color handbag got wet in the rain and the color from the dress transferred onto the bag. The color becomes permanent thus the bag becomes unusable unless you want to step outside the house with a bag with odd discoloration. The staining can ruin your style completely. In this case, there is no worrying about that because the bag is perfect for any weather: sunny, snowy, rainy or windy. While traveling, there could be a change in the climate and you need something to match it.


  • The size is suitable for traveling
  • It has a large interior
  • It is sturdy and strong
  • Goes with any color dress, any time of the year
  • The material used for manufacturing is of high-quality
  • It does not lose its shape even after usage of many years
  • It can stand alone because of the metal feet


  • Some users wish the handles were longer

When talking about this Satchel bag, it is difficult to know where to start because there are so many reasons to get this. It is one of the best travel handbags because it can match with your outfit. You will fall in love with the texture and patterns of the handbags. There are Blue Bandana, Blush Pink, Classic Black etc. Everyone can get a back to match with their mood and besides, it is not expensive. You do not have to give bags of money to get this nor do you have to spend a fortune. You get value for money.

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Highlighted features:

Two zippers

Being on a journey, it is soothing to have a bag that has two zippers. If one breaks, simply use the other one to lock your items. Also, the items you keep will never get lost. The dual zippers protect your items from falling. You can sleep like a baby if you have this handbag during travel.

Extra space

There is an additional space in the front that come with a turn-lock. That is just for convenience such as you can put some small amount of money or your phone when you are awake. Then, you do not have to open the zippers again and again. You can just turn the lock and get the phone. It is big enough to fit a small tablet.


Do not get fooled by how it looks from the outside. While it can look stylish from the outside and make you believe that the interior is not roomy, you will be surprised. You can put a lot of items there and you will still find enough space. A high-quality handbag should provide sufficient cushion to absorb half of the impact if it is dropped, bumped or jostled, during transportation. It must also offer some level of water resistance in case travelers need to walk through snow or rain for a small distance. For those who are traveling in places with chances of rainfall, the bag offers an extra line of guard against water damage to your important things.


  • Multi-pocket organization system
  • Attractive
  • Bright colors avoid theft
  • Perfect for spring
  • Made from cotton
  • It does not lose its shape
  • The fabric design is beautiful


  • Too many items can make the handle fall apart

That moment when you will find out that this handbag is made from nylon, you will be able to tell that it is indeed one of the best travel handbags. If you are lost and do not know which one is the perfect one for journeys, you will carry out a research. After that, you will discover that nylon is the best material for a travel bag and here you have it!

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Highlighted features:

Resistant to abrasion

Everyday bags are different from travel bags. While your everyday bag might not get scratches but the travel one will, particularly if there is a lot of crowd at the airport or the train station. The bag is resistant to all kinds of scratches and you can sleep soundly when you have this as it takes care of everything. It will not tear or crack like many leather or bags made from other materials. One thing for sure is that nylon is responsible for its durability.

Smart design

You can store your tablet or iPad in the big compartment which is protected by a strong zipper and there are two more compartments at the front. That is for keeping your cell phones. In that way, you can easily grab your phone whenever you need it. You can also put credit cards as it comes with slots for that.

Bright colors

The bag is available in many bright colors and you should know that a thief will never take a bright buying guide. A black or a brown one is in more risk of theft. Did you ever see a thief with a red or magenta bag? If they do, the police will catch them or the passengers will. That is why you can pick a bright colored one and be safe on your journey.


  • Intelligent construction and design
  • Beautiful color
  • High-quality material
  • Rainproof
  • Multiple pockets for convenience
  • Affordable


  • The bag does not stand straight.

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