Best Scientific Calculator Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

​Are you looking for the best scientific calculator? Then read on!

​In the context of 2017, how would someone identify a scientific calculator? In simple words, a scientific calculator is a device for solving complex arithmetic and algebraic operations. Although most scientific calculators come with most of the bells and whistles you need. But the wise option would be to choose the best scientific calculators out of the lot.

​So why should you go for the scientific calculators available in the market? First of all, the most obvious reason would be to get the best set of features for your money. The next thing you would be looking for is the battery life and build quality. Likewise, these features will take you a long way. Also, you will get the extra edge you need to ace your algebra exams if you own the​ scientific calculator for algebra.

After doing some extensive research, however, we found out some of the best products to get you up to speed with your mathematical problems. These products come with most of the features you would require. We have taken extra care in going through a mass number of products to find out the best ones to help you ace your math exams.

So, without wasting any more time, let's get started!

5 Of The Best Scientific Calculators

The Casio fx-115ES PLUS is the first product on our list for the best scientific. The calculator is a fine a choice for college students who constantly need the features embedded in this product. In fact, for solving calculus and other problems relating to physical quantities, it is a fine solution.

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Product Overview:

The Casio fx-115ES PLUS calculator has a slim profile with a lot of horsepower. The body is solid and the internal features are probably enough to get the job done. Also, the programmable capabilities embedded in the calculator are impressive.

Features and Benefits:

Natural display:

The calculator comes with a natural LCD display which is smooth and is comparable to a textbook analogy. Moreover, it is a 2-line display, allowing the problem and the results at the same time in the display.

Variable functionality:

The calculator has about 280 functions available for complex calculations. For this reason, it is suitable for vector and matrix calculations. Also, it can convert 40 different types of metrics. Problems regarding fractions, statistics, complex number calculations, base arithmetic, linear regression, standard deviation, computer science, and polar-rectangular conversions are easily solvable with this device.

Solar-plus with​​​​ battery back-up:

You can expect smooth and accurate results from this calculator without any disruptions because of the 2-way power. Even if the battery fails, the calculator can run on solar power, which is probably one of the handiest features to have.

Multi-reply for correction:

Another important feature to note here is the Multi-replay function. It is a feature which enables you to go back to your calculations and observe if there are any mistakes. Moreover, you can make changes to your calculations according to your needs and get the desired results without issue. The list-based STAT editor is another feature to look out for when you are shopping for the best calculator.


The Casio fx-115ES PLUS is a fine choice for the serious students out there. It has all the features that one can have without any compromises.Therefore, we would like the students out there to check out the product for themselves.

​The HP 35s Scientific Calculator is a product meant for professionals. From the set of features to the interior, the product reeks that professional vibe. It is probably one of the most robust looking yet solid performer out there. Because of this very reason, we have kept this product among our top five list for the best scientific​.

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Product Overview:

​First of all, let us talk about the design. The first thing you notice is the sleek black look of the calculator which quite catchy. This programmable beast is capable of attaining wonders. The set of features will not disappoint the user. Therefore, HP has deemed it fit for college students and professionals alike. So, let's get started with the features.

​Features and Benefits:

Different ope​​​​rating modes:

One of the most robust features of this product is the two modes which the user can choose himself. Likewise, the user can choose between RPN and algebraic entry system logic which is probably one of the most convenient features.

Solid display:

The display on this calculator is another cool thing to mention. It is an LCD panel. But it does have contrast adjustability. Moreover, the large display can show questions and results at the same time. The alpha-numeric display is well-suited to use both indoors and outdoors.

Functions and memory:

Another cool feature of this calculator is the ability to store huge mathematical data and deliver precise results. The 800 different memory registers can store large and complex equations without haste. The stored data, however, can be reused and manipulated using the 100+ built-in functions to suit the user's needs. Also, the 30Kb memory storage is more than enough to store any form of mathematical data.

The HP 35s Scientific Calculator comes with a protective case. So, anyone can operate it safely without any issues.
Solid display:


​The HP 35s Scientific Calculator is suitable for college students, Scientists, medical professionals, surveyors and anyone who need a solid and precise machine to get accurate results. Therefore, it is a solid product and we would recommend it.

The Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS is the third contender on our list for the best calculator. It has all the necessary features a student requires to ace in all of his or her competitive exams. Moreover, the overall features and quality are a perfect blend for any student.

​Product Overview:

At first, we would like to point out the minimalistic design analogy of the calculator. It is available in a variety of colors which is nice to have. For a calculator of this caliber, it is for those who don't really need all the extra features.

Features and Benefits:

Display features:

The LCD display of the laptop is good enough. It has a 2-line display where the questions and answers to complex mathematical problems can be easily viewed together. The functionality of the display is good and doesn't have any serious issues.

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Programmable features and Memory:

The built-in functions are capable of solving the most basic arithmetic and algebraic operation. The blend of algebraic and statistical calculation options is nice to have. Also, the conversion features are there to help you solve any problems regarding tough conversions. For your basic calculus operations, it is just perfect.


The calculator supports 2-way power. It means that even if you lose your battery, it will run on solar power. It is certainly a nice feature to have on a scientific calculator.

Memory and reviewing:

The Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS is capable of assigning and storing variables in 5 memory slots. Also, the reviewing capabilities of the calculator let you get back to your calculations and make necessary changes. Moreover, you can run through your previous calculations without much effort. It is because of the excellent memory capabilities of the calculator.


For the sake of protection, you get a hard plastic cover which snaps into place. It is probably a nice touch and makes it more usable.


 The flexibility and usability of this product are quite good. For the student whose needs are basic, it is a perfect choice. If you are interested in the product's capabilities, check out the provided​.

​The Casio FX-300MS is one of the toughest calculators out there. For a student or a professional with the need for a scientific calculator on a daily basis, it is a perfect choice. It seems as though all of the features are there. For this very reason, we have kept it among the top contenders for the best calculators.

Product Overview:

The calculator has that sleek Casio look. It is packed with features and does have the capability to deliver accurate results. It is a solid choice for both students and professionals. As a matter of fact, it never fails to reach its mark.

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Features and Benefits:

Readable Displ​​​​ay:

The LCD screen displays the questions and answers at the same time, which is a common trait for a calculator of this caliber. It can display ten digits at a time, which is convenient. The arrow keys are quite helpful when it comes to tracking and finding out the mistakes in your work. Also, the wrong inputs can be readily erased with the backspace key. It is probably a nice touch.

Calculation capabilities:

The 240 built-in functions can handle any and all forms of complex arithmetic and algebraic problems. It can handle almost anything and deliver precise results every time. When it comes to calculus, solving trigonometric problems and statistical analysis, this product has no rivals!

Programmable variables and auto reply:

You can programme 9 variables at the same time with this calculator. Also, you can save equations without the fear of losing the data. Moreover, the auto-reply function comes in handy most of the time. It helps you to check whether or not your previous equation was correct.

Power and safety:

The Casio FX-300MS has 2-way power. So, when it comes to endless problem solving, you should be just fine. Even if the battery fails, the solar power takes over and helps you to carry on with your work.

The detachable safety lid offers extra protection whenever you need it.


The Casio FX-300MS is a solid contender when it comes to the scientific calculator of 2017. For all types of users, it is suitable. Furthermore, the satisfactory user experience persuades us to recommend it to our readers out there. For more information, check out the link.

The Helect H1002 2-line Best Scientific calculator is the last product on our list. It has taken its rightful place on the list because of the features and performance it has to offer. If you are looking for the scientific calculator, this is probably one of the options you should keep an eye out.

Product Overview:

The Helect H1002 has an ergonomic key layout. The minimalistic design profile is probably the key selling point for this calculator. Also, the precision and accuracy while calculating the answers for complex problems is another good reason to get it as your daily driver.

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Features and Benefits:

Display and layout:

The calculator has an LCD display panel with support for 2-line viewing. It allows the user to check the question and the result at the same time. Another cool feature is the layout of the keys, which gives an overall ergonomic feel to the user. It is certainly a nice little touch for better computation.

Calculating capabilities:

When it comes to precise calculation, the Helect H1002 does not disappoint. For a student who is eager to get the correct results for his calculus or trigonometric problem, he will probably get the correct and accurate results using this calculator. What is even more astonishing is the fact that it can carry out statistical problems with 1 and 2 variables without issue. The scientific and engineering notion modes are also present.


The calculator requires a single battery to operate. But unfortunately, there is no solar power support on this calculator.


The protective hard plastic case is strong and sturdy. It is more than enough for a safe operation.


When you are in the market for the calculator for calculus or other relevant mathematical operations, the Helect H1002 should be on your checklist. The scientific calculator offers great usability and flexibility. Therefore, for both professionals and students, we would certainly recommend that you take a look at the product.

5 reasons why scientific calculators better than the conventional ones:

There are several reasons as to why you should consider getting a scientific calculator over a conventional one. Here are the top 5 reasons why we think it is better to get a scientific calculator.

  • Conventional calculators can perform basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Whereas in scientific calculators, you can perform complex algebraic operations like calculate the values of the algebraic functions like sine, cosine and more.
  • The second problem with a normal calculator is the amount of data it can handle at once. They are not capable of handling large calculations. On the other hand, a scientific calculator can easily handle large amounts of data regarding the calculations of physics and other relevant fields.

  • Traditional calculators will produce results to a certain threshold. But the capabilities of a scientific calculator can clearly outrun these thresholds.

  • If you are dealing with physical constants regarding sophisticated physical calculation, a scientific calculator will do a much better job than a traditional one in this case.

  •  Furthermore, most scientific calculators have built-in programs to ease your calculation process. You would probably not find these features in a traditional calculator.

These are the key reasons for you to avoid buying a conventional calculator. If you are a student or someone related to the scientific fields, you must get a scientific calculator.

Things to consider when buying a scientific calculator:

Here are a few things to consider when you are looking out for the best calculator.

Who are you?

If you are a student or someone who needs to compute scientific data on a regular basis, then you would probably need a scientific calculator. Likewise, a student who is preparing for his or her SAT's or other competitive exams, a scientific calculator is a must-have item.

What functions do you require?

College students typically need to deal with mathematical problems regarding calculus and statistics. You would probably be okay if you know what functions you need in your calculator. Also, check out whether or not it can store some data in its memory (It should be able to do that).

Choosing the display type;

Choosing the correct display for your scientific calculator is important. However, it is a factor which may vary from person to person.

A few things about the products:

The products featured in the review have a few common traits for your convenience. Moreover, they will help you to get accurate results.

  • All of the scientific calculators featured here have textbook grade displays (2-line display)
  • All of the products feature a wide array of functions built-in and come with variable memory support.
  • Moreover, the products featured here all have a solid construction

There are some other features as well which we will be discussing at length in our review for the best scientific calculator.

​Choosing the correct product: Scientific calculator buying guide

The products we have reviewed so far are probably worthy enough for the buyer’s consideration. But the buyer may find some other options more appealing. If such a thing happens, we would like the buyer to choose correctly. For this reason, we have come up with a step-by-step guide that will help the buyer make the correct choice. These steps will probably help him or her to make the right choices. Here are the steps you should certainly follow;

First of all, determine your budget. This first step is very crucial as there are scientific calculators at various price points. They probably have more features than you require. For this reason, definitely, plan on a budget.

The next step is to do your research. Comb the marketplace for the desired set of features. This way, you will find the desired product.

This time you need to check the display and key layout. An ergonomic layout should serve you better. Also, an LCD screen with 2-line display is a must. Moreover, if you manage to find something which has contrast changing options, it is a pretty good deal.

The final step would be to check for the necessary features for calculation. You should check the number of built-in functions available. Also, you should check for the multi-reply and review options. If you do not find the options, avoid buying the product.

There are two more things which will probably make a difference. Make sure you have a protective case and 2-way power support. These are certainly essential features.

Final Verdict:

We have come to an end with the review for the best scientific calculators. The choices we presented certainly have the capabilities to cater to your needs. So, we would certainly like you to have a look at the products. Also, we have added a buying guide for your convenience.

Finally, we would like to bid you good luck on your journey to find the best scientific calculator. We hope that you find what you are looking for. Happy hunting!

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